Since the day they were made completely new in Christ, Jesse & Kirsten have had the desire in their hearts to move to another country and live among the poor of the world. Not knowing exactly what that call from God entailed, they gave their lives wholeheartedly to love God with all they had right where they were. Jesse was studying at UW-Milwaukee to become an engineer and Kirsten was at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois studying to be a nurse when Jesus got a hold of their entire lives!

After serving God faithfully for a year and a half, the Lord told Jesse to join staff with Cornerstone Church Milwaukee and begin preparing to be a missionary to Haiti (click here to read the full story). In the Summer of 2011, after Kirsten graduated, she heard the Lord directing her to move with her older brother’s family near Milwaukee for a year. She found Cornerstone Church Milwaukee and became a member quickly (click here to read the full story). After a mission trip to Haiti with Cornerstone Church in March of 2012, Kirsten was confident that the Lord was sending her to be a full time missionary in Haiti.

God had been preparing their hearts individually for Himself and for each other throughout this whole time! When Jesse finally got enough confirmation from God, he asked Kirsten to be in a relationship with him on November 19th, 2012. They got married the following May! Get the juicy details here 😉 These two are sold out lovers of God who will not settle for less than Heaven in the world around them until the day they see Jesus face to face! They walk in the love, joy, power and humility of God. Haiti will be a nation discipled for Christ and the Lancour’s are honored by the opportunity to be a part of it!!