Hi there! I’m Becky and I live in Bucharest, Romania, I’ve come here as a missionary to share the love of God with the people of Romania and build God’s Kingdom. Currently, I work with a church plant Biserica Piatra Vie, we reach out to the people of Bucharest in many ways: women’s ministry, prayer and worship, evangelism throughout the city, ministry with English speakers, ministry with gypsies, ministry with refugees, playing and praying for sick children in the hospital and establishing a Bible School. I currently run an English Conversation Club to build relationships and share about Jesus. I’m also a pro-life representative here in this city through Outstretched Hands to Romania, advocating for the unborn. In my free time I volunteer with another organization that works with women and children who have been domestically abused; the organization gives counseling and helps the women become independent in providing for their families. One day as our church grows we want to become a ‘Dream Center’ of sorts, having our own housing to bring in women and children, refugees, gypsies with no place to live, etc.

If you are interested in partnering with me in this Kingdom endeavour, I would very much appreciate your generosity. It makes a huge impact as I’m not able to work on a missionary visa, so your donations are what keep me alive and the ministry flowing and growing. As you give, would you please pray for God to be at work and glorified in all we do! Thank You!