Hi, we’re the Stimpsons, and this is our story. In April 2012, Jessie and I followed the call of God to Bucharest, Romania. We packed up our four (now five) children and all our lives into a dozen suitcases, got on an airplane, and landed in a city we had never visited before, with nothing but a clear sense that this was God’s desire for us. That and a month’s supply of American snacks. 😉 After a year of learning the language, asking questions, exploring the city, and ministering to people from all walks of life – from business owners to drug addicts, stay-at-home moms to prostitutes, Christian students to Muslim refugees – we launched the churchplant Cornerstone Bucharest (Biserica Piatra Vie). Since that first meeting, the church has become an international church of a few dozen people speaking a half dozen languages. Refugees, former drug addicts, business men, Muslim converts, retirees, students, and families all come together with a hunger to seek God and see His love manifest in our city. Every week, the church provides meals for refugees from the Middle East and Africa and visits poor Gypsy families with basic assistance and the love of Jesus. The church also began a Bible school, where we’ve trained dozens of pastors, ministry leaders, and church members to know God and minister in His power. Jesus is building this church and the gates of Hell won’t prevail against it!